Aluminum alloy with additions of copper, lithium and at least one alkali or rare earth metal, and method of manufacturing the same

Austin E. Mann, Andrew H. Baker, Rajiv Mishra, & Sivanesh Palanivel

A method for making an aluminum alloy includes steps of (1) weighing out starting materials to achieve a mass of material having a composition that includes aluminum, about 1.8 to about 5.6 percent by weight copper, about 0.6 to about 2.6 percent by weight lithium, and at least one of lanthanum up to about 1.5 percent by weight, strontium up to about 1.5 percent by weight, cerium up to about 1.5 percent by weight, and praseodymium up to about 1.5 percent by weight; (2) loading said starting materials into a crucible; (3) inserting said crucible into a chamber; (4) evacuating said chamber to a predetermined vacuum level; (5) melting said starting materials to form a molten mass; and (6) casting said molten mass into a mold.

US Patent App. 17/326,492, 2021

US Patent Application US20210277508A1