Multi-physics Materials Processing

MTS Multi-physics Materials Processing

MTS Model 322.41 Servohydraulic Test System, 500 kN (110 kip) Actuator
Interchangeable Titanium dies, 20mm, 30mm, and 40mm
Model 3474-140 GMW Dipole Electromagnet

Operation mode Continuous wave (CW)
Maximum output 1500 Watts
Tuning range of output power 10 Watt increments
Emission wavelength 1065-1080 nm
Maximum emission linewidth 6 nm
Number of channels 2
Feed fiber core size (HLC-8, QBH type) 100 µm (Ch 1), 200 µm (Ch 2), 10 m length
Wall plug efficiency  > 30%
Ancillary options available External couplar, beam switch
Interface Standard: LaserNet, Digital I/O, Analog Control
Collimator and focusing lens focal length 126 mm and 568 mm (input to output beam diameter ratio: 4.54
Collimator and focus head requirements Water cooled; clean & dry compressed air