Center for Friction Stir Processing   University of North texas  University of South Carolina  Wichita State University

The Center for Friction Stir Processing (CFSP) is a graduated National Science Foundation (NSF) Industry-University Cooperative Research Center (IUCRC). Center universities collaborate with industry partners through projects sponsored and guided by our industry partners to advance the science and technology of Friction Stir Processing (FSP) for industrial applications. Since its formation in 2004, the CFSP has become an internationally recognized center of excellence for all things friction stir welding and processing (FSW&P), including friction stir spot welding (FSSW) and its variant. The Center brings together internationally recognized university researchers from the University of North Texas, University of South Carolina, Brigham Young University, and Wichita State University. Learn more about CFSP

Center for Friction Stir Processing

The CFSP brings together researchers from universities at the forefront of FSP research.  Combined, these institutions bring more than 50 man-years of experience in FSP, with over 100 publications, 20 patents and millions of dollars in research funding.  In addition to expertise, these universities bring together equipment, facilities, and auxiliary capabilities that are unsurpassed in the FSP community.