Thank you for your interest in UNT's Center for Friction Stir Processing (CFSP).  We invite you conduct research in the Center for industrial applications of friction stir welding and processing (FSW&P) and their variants.

The mission of the Center is to advance the science and technology of the many variants of FSW&P in a range of manufacturing sectors.  The Center provides science-based research that strengthens and enlarges the research capabilities of both the Center’s academic and industry members through conducting cooperative interdisciplinary research programs with industry.  Research topics range from fundamental research to applied development related to the different variants of friction stir related technologies, including additive manufacturing.

Working together with our advisory board, we are able to develop fundamental process knowledge, data for certification processes, and design for manufacturability (DFM) approaches to facilitate industrial implementation.  We also work with the sponsors of our research to identify critical pathways to industrialization and conduct research programs through which they can best benefit from the respective technologies.

Key benefits and services available to CFSP participation include:

  • State-of-the-Art Technology:  Staying current in the latest technologies in FSW&P research.
  • Directed Research:  Directing the planning and implementation of project research.
  • Consortium Synergy:  Multiplying research funds by participating in collaborative programs.
  • Competitive Deliverables:  Obtaining science-based deliverables from research projects.
  • Pre-publications:  Receiving free copies of Center research papers, reprints, and posters.

Additional benefits of working on Center projects include:

  • Interns & Workforce:  Working with Center student researchers as possible interns and employees.
  • Analytic Services:  Accessing Center testing and analysis services.
  • Workshops:  Taking training in Center research-related fields.
  • Confidential Research:  Pursuing proprietary research.

To collaborate with UNT's CFSP researchers, please feel free to contact us by calling 940-369-8438 or emailing us at  We look forward to working with you in the CFSP. 


Prof. Rajiv Mishra
UNT's CFSP Director