CFSP Lab Equipment - UNT

  • Operation Mode Continuous Wave (CW)
    Maximum Output Power 1500 Watts
    Tuning Range of Output Power 10 Watt Increments
    Emission Wavelength (λc) 1065-1080 nm
    Maximum Emission Linewidth (Δλ) 6 nm
    Number of Channels 2
    Feed Fiber Core Size (HLC-8, QBH type) 100 µm (Ch 1), 200 µm (Ch 2)
    Wall Plug Efficiency >30%







  • Mini Corrosion Testing System
    Measures Stress Corrosion Cracking Susceptibility (SCC)

    Corrosion Medium 3.5 wt% NaCl Solution
    Strain Rate 10-6/sec
    Load Cell Capacity 500 lb
    Software LabVIEW Data Acquisition
    Alloys Tested (thus far) Mg & Al alloys



























  • Reed Material H13 Tool Steel (HRC)
    Reed Tip and Anvil Tip M2 Tool Steel
       Welding Head 29” h x 19” w x 18” d
       Power Supply 8” h x 20” w x 22” d
    Frequency of Operation 20 kHz
    Welding Modes Time, Energy, Power
    Max. Power 3500 Watts (10 W increments)
    Max. Time Duration 4 sec at 50% Duty Cycle
    Impedance Range 8-10 typically